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Geometric Pattern Matching

Geometric Pattern Matching

Edge-Based Algorithm for Simple and Robust Recognition of Shapes, Logos and Objects

Geometric Pattern Matching licenses provide pylon vTools for easy training of shape models and high-performance, adjustable recognition of trained shapes on live images. Create shape models by marking areas on live images or on images from files. An edge detection algorithm automatically detects the adjustable contours for shape recognition and enables a fast and easy training process.

Currently a Pro version is available. For the upcoming releases, a Basic version is planned for a reduced price. The Basic version will allow single pattern search, 360° rotation, without further scaling.

pylon vTools are part of Basler's pylon Camera Software Suite. Download pylon to use pylon vTools

Please note: Licenses for pylon vTools are protected by hardware dongles. For activation of commercial licenses, you need one USB dongle per system onto which the licenses are loaded. Learn more

pylon Geometric Pattern Matching Pro

Single pattern search, 360° rotation, including isotropic and anisotropic scaling.

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The license specifications give you an overview of the pylon vTools that are included in a license, and their functionalities.

  Pro License Specifications
Geometric Pattern Matching Pro
Adjustable Timeout  
Search pattern template from live image  
Search pattern template from stored image  
Adjustable contrast for teaching  
Adjustable matching score level  
Always 360° rotation level  
Adjustable scaling level  
Anistropic scaling levels  
Adjustable reference point  

pylon Geometric Pattern Matching Pro

Article name pylon Geometric Pattern Matching Pro
Order Number 20084
Net list price
For pricing, please use the request cart to get a quote. 691.00 EUR 795.00 USD 6426.00 Yuan
Operating System
  • Windows: 10 (64 bit), 11 (64 bit)
  • Linux x86 Ubuntu 18.04 or newer (64bit)
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