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  • Simply Add Vision to Your AI Project

    ... with our solutions based on Nvidia’s development board.

Basler Embedded Vision Solutions for Nvidia‘s Jetson Platform

The conceivable fields of application for artificial intelligence range from agriculture, smart cities to medical & life sciences or robotics. Nvidia's Jetson family together with a Basler dart BCON for MIPI camera module offer developers systems that are virtually plug-and-play and extended with image processing. The Jetson platform is particularly specialized in providing AI on edge devices.

Development Kit and Add-on Camera Kits available Q2/2020

As a first product Basler presents an embedded vision kit combining a Basler dart BCON for MIPI camera module with 13MP and a framerate of 30 fps with a Jetson Nano developer board. Various machine learning applications have already been implemented, such as a use case for bacteria classification.

Kits for Nvidia

Development Kit for Nvidia Jetson Nano

  • The Development Kit with a Basler dart BCON for MIPI camera module and Linux support for the Jetson Nano allows developers an easy start for the setup of an Nvidia embedded vision system.

Add-on Camera Kits for Nvidia Jetson Platform

  • Add-on camera Kits can be used to quickly connect a Basler dart BCON for MIPI camera module to an Nvidia Jetson SoM
  • Supported systems: Jetson Nano, Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson TX2

Use Case for Medical & Life Sciences

Bacteria Classification using Vision, a Jetson Nano and AI

This use case demonstrates a possible application of an embedded vision system:
Using a neural network, certain bacteria are identified in seconds based on microscopic images. The application software is based on a customized Convolutional Neural Network (CNN). This model uses the latest deep learning and device-internal processing techniques. Training takes place on the host side, but the inference - image analysis and generation of results in the end-user application - is performed on the device itself. The result is visualized on a dashboard.

Embedded Vision Application: Age, Gender and Emotion Detection using AI

Based on a Basler Jetson Nano development kit and using a neural network, the application automatically detects the age, gender and emotion of the people in front of the camera – instantly in real time. When emotions are detected, six different facial expressions are recognized and displayed with a probability calculation: happiness, sadness, anger, fear, surprise and disgust. By recognizing a woman or a man, products, content or advertisements can be targeted to the respective gender, for example.

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