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New pylon version 6.3 with multi-channel CXP-12 support!

The new pylon 6.3.0 for Windows and Linux comes to empower the use of new boost cameras with 2 x CXP-12 interface. In combination with the new CXP-12 Interface Cards 2C/4C offering 2 and 4 channels, pylon enables the smooth and easy realization of multi-camera CXP applications now. more


Out Now: The New Streamlined S-mount Lenses with Full Focus, Perfect Fit for All Basler dart Cameras

With a total of eight new streamlined S-mount lenses, all Basler dart models are now covered with a perfectly matching lens. They offer the same performance and versatility as previous S-mount lenses but provide the advantage that you now save time and costs in the search. You get the camera and a matching lens from one single source, at a good price/performance ratio with short delivery times. more


Smart Healthcare Led by Vision: Basler at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan

Basler will show vision solutions what moves the healthcare industry forward at Healthcare+ Expo Taiwan from 2 to 5 December 2021. more


Good Images, Great Price: Gpixel

With high image quality and a starting price from €429, the 16 new ace 2 models with Gpixel's Global Shutter CMOS sensors in resolutions of 5 and 9 megapixels offer you just the right mix of performance and price. more


The Final Frontier: Our CXP 2.0 Galaxy Continues to Grow

Come with us to distant worlds and discover our CXP 2.0 galaxy. In it, the product portfolio is constantly growing – now also through multi-channel boost cameras and matching interface cards. Select the mutually compatible components for your next project and optimize your system costs. more


Application Note: Temperature Behavior and Heat Generation of ace 2 Cameras

Why do cameras get warm? What happens when they do? How does the ace 2 camera behave when the temperature rises and what options are there to avoid exceeding heat limits? more


CXP 2.0 Galaxy on Growth Track – News in Webcast

The product portfolio in our CXP 2.0 galaxy is growing steadily, with particular attraction: New CXP-12 boost cameras with exactly matching accessories. For your next project, you will obtain all CXP-12 components including software directly from us. Watch the webcast to learn how you can benefit! more


The New VisualApplets 3.3 Is Available Now!

VisualApplets 3.3 convinces with a number of innovations. A total of six new operators enable more efficient design techniques and improve maintainability. The new histogram and line profile functions simplify the evaluation of image quality. more


Detecting Small Barcode Labels on Large Areas

Data matrix and bar codes are used in logistics for product tracking. To find and decode these on large packages and the packages contained within, the CXP-12 boost camera with 45 MP resolution and a large field of view of 2 x 1 meter combined with the single-channel interface card is a good choice. more


Automated Vial Inspection with Basler Cameras: a COVID-19 Vaccine Safeguard

Automated vial inspection systems monitor the production quality of vaccines, thus playing a crucial role in providing maximum product safety. Learn how vision inspection technology helps to prevent defects, improves quality and throughput. more


A New Dimension for pylon

One software suite for all Basler cameras, true to the motto "one fits all": now Basler's 3D cameras can also benefit from all the advantages of the popular Basler pylon Camera Software Suite. more


ace 2 with New 5-12 MP Pregius S BSI Sensors from Sony

Reinforcement in the midfield - the ace 2 camera series gets a powerful addition: with the new BSI sensors IMX545, IMX546 and IMX547 from Sony's Pregius S series, Basler expands its ace 2 portfolio by 24 models with resolutions of 5, 8 and 12 megapixels. Make your system future-ready! more


Basler Receives Certificate as Family-friendly Employer

Basler AG is awarded the audit berufundfamilie certificate for the fourth time. The company sees an attractive and family-friendly working environment as part of its growth strategy. more

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