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  • New pylon 5 Release: Camera Evaluation & Software Development Easier Than Ever

    The new pylon 5 release is ready for download: now with integrated camera product documentation and multi-language support.

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    Camera Software Suite

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pylon Windows

The pylon Camera Software Suite is a software package comprised of an easy-to-use SDK along with drivers and tools that you can use to operate any Basler camera with a Windows, Linux or OS X operating system. Thanks to the latest GenICam 3 technology, pylon offers unrestricted access to the latest camera models and features.

An overview of features for the pylon Windows release:

  • Unlimited support of Basler GigE Vision, USB3 Vision, IEEE 1394 and Camera Link cameras
  • GenICam GenTL Producer based on version 1.5 for Basler GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras
  • Support for all current Windows versions up to Windows 10 (32 and 64-bit).
  • Customized for desktop as well as embedded systems
  • User-friendly, GenICam-based SDK that lets you save development costs and secure your investments for the long term.

The GenTL standard offers the ability to generically find one or more cameras, address and configure them and then capture images. This means Basler cameras can also be operated with third-party software libraries that support the GenTL standard, such as MathWorks MATLAB, MVTec HALCON or STEMMER IMAGING Common Vision Blox (see functional block diagram). Thanks to Basler’s longstanding experience and industry-leading expertise in the development of high-performance kernel drivers, this enables a stable, reliable and error-free image transfer along with low CPU load.

pylon 5 offers two GenTL producers that enable the activation of Basler GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras in third-party software. It supports all current Windows versions, including Windows 10 in 32 and 64 bit.

pylon 5 – Faster, smaller, simpler!

pylon 5 – faster, smaller, easier!

pylon 5 – faster, smaller, easier

You can download the Basler pylon Camera Software Suite, the current Release Notes and the pylon Installation and Setup Guide here.

With the release of the pylon 5 Camera Software Suite, Basler became the first camera manufacturer to introduce a camera software using the new GenICam 3 technology.

Fast: Thanks to GenICam 3, cameras can now be activated about four times faster than with the preceding GenICam versions.

Smaller: Compared to the previous GenICam versions, GenICam 3 only needs approximately half the RAM.

Both of these features are particularly advantageous in less high-performance systems. The new standard is mostly backward-compatible, requiring no or only few code modifications in the existing software. Older Basler cameras also benefit from these innovations in pylon. Any required changes are described in detail in the pylon Migration Guide.

Easier: Basler is introducing a new setup concept with pylon 5. Even inexperienced users can install pylon with a few clicks. Thanks to the new easy-copy deployment, the pylon SDK makes it possible to deliver created programs to end users more easily than ever before. This means pylon can also be installed without conflicts for machine vision software packages by other manufacturers based on GenICam technology.

Overview of pylon's features

  • New: Integrated camera product documentation for even more ease of use

    With the context-sensitive product documentation integrated directly in the pylon Viewer, the camera evaluation and software development is easier than ever! Just one click on the camera features in the pylon Viewer will take you directly to the descriptions of features in our HTML-based camera documentation. No more document downloads or searching – it only takes one click!

    Tutorial on the pylon Camera Software Suite

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  • New: Multilanguage support for camera features in the pylon Viewer

    Would you like to see the camera feature descriptions and tooltips in languages other than English? No problem! For the first time in this industry, multi-language support is offered for camera features in the pylon Viewer with the unique feature documentation! Select your preferred language and get the feature documentation and the tooltips from pylon in your language. This also includes sample code for simpler programming.

    Tutorial on the pylon Camera Software Suite

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  • The pylon SDK

    The pylon SDK is user-friendly to help you develop your own camera applications. Just a few lines of code are all that's needed to configure the camera, capture images and save them to the PC's hard drive.

    Extensive documentation and a wealth of sample programs for all typical camera applications in all supported programming languages (C, C++, C#, VB.Net, etc.) provides a critical boost to application development.

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  • Bandwidth manager for GigE and USB 3.0 cameras

    This simple tool lets you check whether your GigE or USB 3.0 camera(s) reliably deliver all images to your application (such as the pylon Viewer) at the specified bandwidth settings. In this way you can optimize your GigE or USB 3.0 setup in terms of maximum image data throughput and reliability. The load from image data transfer can be calibrated for each GigE or USB 3.0 camera connected, so that all cameras can transmit their image data without errors, using the maximum bandwidth available.

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  • pylon Viewer Recording Feature

    Beyond providing a method to record the camera live view as a video file in various compressed or uncompressed formats, this function also makes it possible to record sequences of still shots in various formats on your PC's hard drive, either as an AVI file (with or without compression) or as a slide show of individual shots. Furthermore, the recording speed can be varied to create time-lapse videos. The recording feature was first introduced with the pylon 4 release and is included in all subsequent versions of pylon.

    Learn more about the pylon Viewer recording feature in the video:

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  • pylon USB Configurator

    The USB Configurator is a tool that delivers detailed information about the USB topology, highlights potential bandwidth limitations and can even repair incorrect driver assignments with one single click. Another benefit of the USB Configurator is its knack for detecting user error, such as when the USB 3.0 camera is connected to a USB 2.0 port.

    Learn more about the pylon USB Configurator in the video:

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  • Search function and favorites in the pylon Feature Tree

    The pylon Feature Tree offers a search function that lets you quickly and easily find all camera features with names containing the search term you entered. Add found features to your favorites and save time during the camera evaluation – no more elaborate navigating, scrolling or searching! Give it a try.

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  • Automatic Adjust Image Function

    Another attractive feature is the new Automatic Adjust Image button in the pylon Viewer. A single click on this button triggers automatic configuration of the selected camera to its environment in terms of color and brightness.

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Which models work best with the pylon Camera Software Suite?

The pylon Camera Software Suite is ideally suited for all models from the following Basler camera series: ace, aviator, Basler beat, dart, pilot, scout, scout light, runner and racer as well as the A6xxf, A31xf and A102f. pylon only supports the configuration of Camera Link cameras – no support is provided for image acquisition. Camera Link cameras for the Basler sprint, A and L series are not supported by pylon. We instead offer our Camera Configuration Tool Plus (CCT+) for these cameras.

Each pylon version is completely independent from the other versions. Higher versions are NOT updates of older software packages! If you are using an older pylon pack on your PC, then do not install a new one. Software that works with the older pylon version may not work after the update. Please also read the pylon Release Notes to learn more about the improvements available in the latest pylon version.

You can download the Basler pylon camera software suite, the current Release Notes and the pylon Installation and Setup Guide here.

In addition to the complete suite, Basler also offers pylon redistributables containing the pylon Runtime Environment and separate USB, GigE- and/or IEEE 1394-drivers. You can download the redistributables for the latest pylon Release here.

For additional information about our pylon Camera Software Suite, please check out our brochure in the Download area.

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Use of pylon

Use of pylon

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