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  • Make the
    Invisible Visible - with
    Basler ace 2 X visSWIR Cameras

See Beyond the Visible with Basler Short Wavelength Infrared Cameras

Advanced technology, improved sensor performance: take a deeper look at what's inside

A peek behind the curtain: Short-wave infrared (SWIR) cameras allow a look beneath the surface. Whether it's checking security features, detecting fill levels, shining a light through complex structures, or detecting hidden objects—Basler ace 2 X visSWIR cameras allow a close look at what remains hidden from our human eye. A wide range of applications can benefit from this advanced technology featuring high analysis flexibility and accurate detail recognition.

Other benefits include:

  • Small housing with proven 29 mm x 29 mm footprint – suitable for a wide range of industrial applications
  • Equipped with the highly sensitive Sony IMX990/991 SenSWIR sensors
  • Capable of capturing images in both the visible and invisible light spectrum with wavelengths from 0.4 µm to 1.7 µm
  • Available with USB 3.0 and GigE interfaces
  • Easy integration thanks to Basler’s pylon Software
  • A wide range of matching visSWIR vision components – all extensively tested and fully compatible
  • visWIR Lenses with high transmittance at whole wavelength of 0.4 µm -1.7 µm
  • Short-Wave Infrared Bandpass Filter, SWIR selection of Basler Lights, Interface Cards and IP67 Housing
  • Top price-performance ratio for a complete visSWIR Vision System
  • Known reliability and longevity of Basler products with 3-year warranty

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Basler ace 2 VisSWIR Cameras

See what is hidden beneath the surface: Applications for the ace 2 X visSWIR

Applications for the ace 2 X visSWIR

Integrated into the proven Basler ace 2 camera series and equipped with Sony's innovative SenSWIR sensors, visSWIR cameras allow wavelengths from 0.4 µm to 1.7 µm to be detected. It is now possible to capture both visible and non-visible light with one camera. Basler ace 2 X visSWIR cameras guarantee extraordinarily high quality at an impressive price/performance ratio for diverse applications.

Short Wavelength Infrared Cameras

Camera Models Frame Rate Interface Sensor
a2A640-240umSWIR 240 fps USB 3.0 IMX991
a2A1280-125umSWIR 125 fps USB 3.0 IMX990
a2A640-240gmSWIR 240 fps GigE IMX991
a2A1280-80gmSWIR 80 fps GigE IMX990

Companion products for your complete visSWIR vision system



Combined with a camera, filter, and lighting, lenses are instrumental in determining image quality. Here you can find the right lenses for your Basler visSWIR Vision System.

SWIR lenses


The correct light combined with other components of your visSWIR Vision System (such as the camera and lenses) enables the best possible result. Here you can find the right lighting setup

SWIR lights
Interface Cards

Interface Cards

Find a large selection of industry-proven acquisition cards for different bandwidths and interfaces.

USB + GigE cards
Optical Filters

Optical Filters

Filters protect your lens in the best possible way and can improve the resulting image quality, especially when it comes to tiny details. Discover our selection of optical filters.

SWIR filters


Complete your visSWIR Vision System with high quality, carefully selected accessories like IP67 housings and cables.

IP67 housing

Sony's SenSWIR technology

Sony's SenSWIR technology features smaller pixels than conventional InGaAs sensors thanks to copper-to-copper interconnects provided by Sony semiconductor manufacturing. This technology enables the development of smaller high-resolution cameras offering greater precision in inspection or quality control tasks and applications. Sony's SenSWIR image sensor can capture both visible light (400 to 780 nm) and light in the SWIR range up to 1,700 nm. There are two different sensors in terms of size and resolution: IMX990, the1/2-inch type (8.2 mm diagonal) with 1.3 MP and IMX991, the 1/4-inch type (4.1 mm diagonal) with VGA resolution. These are used for the two Basler ace visSWIR models.

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Our guidance tools will help you find the right components for your vision system or application. Whether you are looking for particular component specifications or a complete system for your application, our guidance tools will get you there.

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Camera Selector

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