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Use Case

Automated Retail Check-out Terminal Equipped with AI Software

The technology for embedded vision systems is becoming smaller and more powerful. This enables a wealth of new applications that require compact size, low power consumption and low cost. Retail is just one of many areas where embedded technology can be used to automate and simplify processes. Among other things, self-payment systems facilitate the shopping experience.

Basler has developed a live demo of an automated payment terminal with AI software for retail. The embedded vision system quickly identifies and classifies products in a shopping basket and displays prices. This demo shows how a combination of artificial intelligence and lean embedded vision systems can be used to develop innovative embedded applications that simplify our daily lives.

Learn in our Use Case "Automated Retail Check-out Terminal Equipped with AI Software" which hardware and software Basler used to implement the live demo and which advantages embedded vision solutions from Basler offer.

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