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Vision Systems with CoaXPress 2.0

Would you like to improve the performance of your vision system and be prepared for the future? CoaXPress (CXP) has developed into a standard in industrial image processing in recent years. The CXP interface is particularly relevant whenever high data rates or high resolution sensors are required. Recently, the new CoaXPress 2.0 was officially released. This improvement of the new CXP standard offers several benefits compared to the previous standard.

Thomas Karow, Product Market Manager at Basler, will explain how easy it is to work with the new CXP 2.0 technology. In the past, vision systems with frame grabber technology were complex and expensive. We will show you how to reduce system complexity and your total cost of ownership in a CXP 2.0 setup.

The webinar will cover the following main points:

  1. Benefits of CoaXPress 2.0
  2. System architectures and their different total cost of ownership: switching from Camera Link to CoaXPress 2.0
  3. Basler CXP-12 portfolio

The webinar will also feature a Q&A session at the end.

Presented by:

Thomas Karow
Product Market Manager
Basler AG

Thomas Karow has worked as Product Market Manager at Basler AG since 2018 and is responsible for the Performance Segment product line. In this position, he is in charge of the market launch of new camera models. In addition, he also continuously observes and evaluates trends and requirements in camera technology as part of market analysis, which gives him a good overview of customers' needs. Thomas Karow has a diploma in business management. Before joining Basler, he worked in international sales of industrial cameras for over eight years and thus contributes much experience and substantial market knowledge regarding industrial image processing.

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