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Karriere | Investoren

We’ve made bad experience with USB 2.0 and USB 3.0 cameras from other camera suppliers. Why should Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras be better?

There are different reasons to test Basler ace USB 3.0 cameras:

1. We do offer full USB3 Vision compliance instead of “USB 3.0 only” – this begins with camera control by GenICam 2.0, followed by defined screw lock cable mechanics or easy 3rd party software integration.

2. We have developed our own USB3 Vision driver and have basic core know-how internally. Together with the pylon 4 (or newer) Camera Software Suite we do offer highest performance results.

3. Possible problems could occur due to the combination of cable, host controller and hubs. We’ve done comprehensive tests on that topic and documented it in the Basler USB 3.0 white list as well in technical application notes like “USB 3.0 Host Controllers' Maximum Bandwidth Measurements“.

With our ace USB 3.0 cameras, we use the proven frame buffer concept and certified USB-IF electronical parts. This combination ensures highest reliability and is a complete in-house development of Basler.