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PGI features in the dart, pulse and ace cameras

PGI is a proprietary algorithm run inside the camera's FGPA (aka: ISP), which includes the following features:

- 5x5 De-Bayering

- Color Anti-Aliasing

- Sharpness (not available in daA1280-54uc)

- De-Noising

PGI features are only available when the camera is run in RGB or YUV Image Format. Features are not available when "Bayer" Image Format is used.

PGI is only available in color cameras.

PGI representation in Dart and Pulse Cameras (PGI is essentially "Always On"):

- 5x5 De-bayering (automatic)

- Color Anti-Aliasing (automatic)

- Sharpness (user-adjustable-slider)

- De-noising (automatic)

PGI representation in Ace U and Ace L (PGI can be turned on/off):

- Demosaicing Mode (Choose between "Standard" and "PGI". This is the "on/off" switch)

- 5x5 De-bayering (automatic)

- Color Anti-aliasing (automatic)

- De-Noising (user-adjustable-slider)

- Sharpness (user-adjustable-slider)

All features are also available also via the Pylon API.

For more information about the PGI feature please take a look in the attached document "Basler's new proprietary feature set_ PGI".

Basler's new proprietary feature set PGI