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Karriere | Investoren

I'm using pylon on a PC with a Linux operating system, and I seem to be losing frames. Can you tell me how to correct this?

This problem sometimes happens when you are running pylon for Linux.

If you run the PylonViewerApp (i.e., the pylon Viewer) from a console, you may see lots of error messages when using a camera in continuous shot mode, such as:

Failed to grab image:GX status 0xe1000014

This error means that "the image buffer was incompletely grabbed", and it can have many different reasons.

The first thing you should check is whether your network adapter supports jumbo frames. If yes, jumbo frames should be enabled by setting the Maximum Transfer Unit (MTU) size on the adapter to 8192.

FYI: The recommended Gigabit Ethernet network adapters for use with Basler GigE cameras are the adapters in the Intel Pro 1000 series. Although the pylon software will run with any GigE network adapter, we have observed a significantly higher CPU load when grabbing image data with network adapters other than the recommended Intel Pro series.

Once you have set the MUT to 8192, you can then set the camera's Packet Size parameter to 8000. The Packet Size parameter can be found in the Viewer's feature tree under "Transport Layer". You should make tests with the Packet Size parameter set to different values (e.g., 1500, 3000, 6000), and see which setting yields the best performance on your specific system.

In addition, you must also check, and eventually increase, the ReceiveThreadPriority of the pylon acquisition thread. To check the ReceiveThreadPriority, switch to the "Guru" user level in the pylon Viewer and go to the "Stream Parameters". If the ReceiveThreadPriority is set to 0, you must increase it. To do that, you need to add the following line:

* - rtprio 99

to /etc/security/limits.conf

After changing the /etc/security/limits.conf file, you must log off and back on again. Now, the ReceiveThreadPriority should be set to a value of around 50.

If none of these measures resolve the problem, you can also try:

1. Gradually increasing the camera's Inter-Packet Delay parameter (in the camera's "Transport Layer" node) until you start to see a drop in the maximum frame rate.

2. Check for a driver update for the network adapter you are using.