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How Do I Find the Right Replacement Model for my Camera?

Some Basler cameras series has been on the market for over 10 years now (e.g. the A6xx FireWire camera series). Based on the fact that several components for this series are no longer available, we've informed our customers that it will be discontinued. In the meanwhile, new generations of products have been developed that are even more powerful and which have earned our recommendation as its replacement.

But how can you find a suitable replacement camera for an existing product?

When Basler sends out a discontinuation notice, it includes a recommendation for current models with identical or similar camera properties to the outgoing model. These recommendations are also listed on the homepage under Support -> Product Changes -> Discontinued Products.

Another quick and easy option is to use our Camera Selector. It let you choose between different camera platforms (line scan, area scan or network cameras) and then select criteria such as resolution, sensor and optimal definitions to determine the right model from the camera portfolio. Remember to select a camera based on how it fits the actual conditions under which it will be used, not based on preconceived notions about what features and performance characteristics it should have. For example, your prior camera may deliver 100 fps out of the box - despite the fact that 50 fps would be more than sufficient. Or through the use of an AOI you may not be harnessing the full resolution available from your prior camera, meaning the replacement model might be fine at a lower level of resolution. For more information on the topic "How Many Pixels Do I Really Need?" please see our white paper of the same name in our download area.

Of course, our Sales Team or your regional Basler sales partner are available for questions, as is our Support Team.

The effort is worth it!

It may take a bit of extra effort to check on the real requirements for your application, but it can ultimately be of major benefit. Transitioning to a replacement model can have many benefits, such as better performance, a better price/performance ratio and simpler integration.

For example, the market has greeted the Basler racer with tremendous enthusiasm since its launch in 2013. Customers value it for its notable flexibility and excellent value. The costs for the camera and its accessories have all been kept very affordable, meaning that even multi-camera systems can be created at competitive conditions.

In many cases, the same sensor is also available on another Basler camera, although with a new interface, such as USB 3.0 in the place of FireWire on the Basler ace. The new USB 3.0 interface and the related USB3 Vision standard serves as an ideal successor to FireWire, as it is similar in technology, highly economical and also ensures compatibility for your application in the future.