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Do Basler cameras use the full USB 3.0 bandwidth?

The cameras use a good portion of the full USB 3.0 bandwidth. This is especially the case if the cameras run in multi-camera setups. For example with a hub you will have a high data rate per port. The following screenshot was taken from a test setup with 16 cameras, 4 hubs and a 4-port USB 3.0 card. We could easily transfer 1,3 GB/s (!) with a CPU load of only around 2%.

The following points are also important when considering the real USB 3.0 bandwidth together with Basler cameras:

The bandwidth is also necessary for data transfer stability. With some “free” bandwidth you can compensate a small host bumps or short time EMI. Keep here in mind: Basler cameras offer a frame buffered concept and USB3 Vision relies on Bulk transfer with resends.

Products like 10 and 14 MP CMOS sensors or fast 2 and 4 MP sensors will use even more bandwidth per one camera.