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Can you clarify some of the buzzwords about DirectX, DirectShow, and WDM?


Microsoft DirectX represents a collection of technologies established by Microsoft. It provides accelerated direct and uniform access to the video and audio hardware installed on a system. Since the introduction of Windows 95 Service Release 2, DirectX runtimes have been an integral component of all Microsoft operating systems. The SDK can be freely achieved by download and is part of the Windows SDK since the release of the Windows.

Direct Show

DirectShow is the generic term for those parts of the DirectX API that control the behaviour of video and audio data streams. DirectShow enables any DirectShow compliant device (e.g., a camera) to operate with any DirectShow compliant host software. You can view more detailed, official information about DirectShow on this Microsoft website. Since the release of 95 Service Release 2, DirectShow has been established as a standard for multimedia oriented image processing. DirectShow was removed from the DirectX SDK as of April 2005. You can obtain the headers, libraries, tools, and samples for DirectShow in the Windows Software Development Kit (formerly known as the Platform SDK). DirectSetup in the DirectX SDK continues to support the redistribution of DirectShow's system components, and the latest components are already installed on the following operating systems: Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, and Windows Vista.


WDM is the abbreviation for the Windows Driver Model. The WDM describes a model driver architecture for Windows 2000 and its successors. A WDM streaming driver controls the processing and transport of streaming data at the operating system level ("kernel mode") n

The Pylon DirectShow Filter

If you install the Basler pylon Software Suite, a pylon DirectShow Filter Driver will automatically be installed on your system if not deselected. Even though this filter driver is not actually a WDM driver (because it operates in user mode), it can be used in any situation where a WDM driver is required.

This means, that you can interface any Basler GenICam compliant camera that has a FireWire or GigE / USB3 Vision interface with any WDM / DirectShow compliant application! Compliant cameras include:

  • all scout camera models
  • all pilot camera models
  • all runner camera models
  • all racer camera models (except CameraLink interface)
  • all ace camera models (except CameraLink interface)
  • all dart / pulse camera models (except BCON interface)

The pylon DirectShow filter provides a GenICam feature tree that is very similar to the feature tree in the pylon Viewer application. The feature tree lets you access and control all of the features on all supported cameras.