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Go Embedded: Setting up Lean Vision Systems With The Latest Processing And Vision Innovations

A Basler Webinar with a contribution by NXP Semiconductors

Embedded vision will replace a variety of PC-based image processing solutions and at the same time enable a number of new applications in which small size, low power consumption and low costs are important. As a preferred vision partner, we worked jointly with NXP to develop a high-performing vision system for machine learning (ML) edge computing applications that leverages the full potential of both the camera module and their latest SoC, the i.MX 8M Plus.

During the webinar, we will show you how to heighten the performance of your vision system by revealing unknown in-camera features. All these benefits can be achieved without any additional hardware cost or programming efforts.

Key topics:

  • How to set up lean embedded vision systems
  • High performance SoCs and their suitability for machine learning applications
  • How to get the most ouf of a processor’s ISP
  • Bringing machine vision to embedded technology with the dart camera module and Add-on Kit specifically designed for NXP’s i.MX 8M Plus applications processors

Any questions will be answered in a Q&A session with our technical experts. Register now!

Presented by:

Malene Fricke Product Partner Manager Basler AG
Malene Fricke
Product Partner Manager
Basler AG

Malene Fricke currently holds a position as Product Partner Manager for Embedded Vision in the Module Business department at Basler AG. She received her physics diploma in 2010 in the field of quantum optics. Malene worked in the technical industry with focus on laser, optics and machine vision ever since. In 2014 Malene joined Basler and has become an expert in the field of embedded vision.

Adrienne Suñer
Product Manager for the i.MX 8M Plus applications processor
NXP Semiconductors

Adrienne Suñer the Product Manager for the i.MX 8M Plus applications processor within the Edge Processing group at NXP Semiconductors. With over 7 years at NXP, Adrienne has worked on several go-to-market initiatives across multiple teams including systems & applications and web content management. She has a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Portland.

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