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Streamline Your Logistics with 3D Vision

In the webinar, find out how applications in logistics can benefit from image processing in many ways. With the advancing automation of logistics systems, 3D cameras provide additional support via depth information for the following tasks: volume measurements of pallets and packages, identification and position recognition of objects and packages, navigation and orientation of autonomous vehicles and mobile robots, robot applications such as labeling or gripping tasks for palletization, as well as identifying objects in containers for completeness.

The time-of-flight 3D measurement method enables precise optical measurement with near millimeter accuracy and a large measuring range. Martin Gramatke uses sample applications to explain how this method produces the best results regardless of light and contrast.

The webinar will cover the following main points:

  1. 3D and time-of-flight technology in logistics applications
  2. Non complex and affordable vision setups
  3. Use cases to learn from

The webinar will also feature a Q&A session at the end.

Presented by:

Martin Gramatke Product Manager Basler AG
Martin Gramatke
Product Manager
Basler AG

Martin Gramatke is a Product Manager at Basler AG. He is responsible for the development of Basler’s 3D products, their business strategy and success, the product specifications and the launch of new features. Martin has been with Basler for more than 20 years. His previous work in R&D as Developer, Project Manager and Technical Architect contributes to the successful coordination of his current tasks.

Sean Pologruto Applications Engineer Basler AG
Sean Pologruto
Applications Engineer
Basler AG

Sean Pologruto has been with Basler for 6 years and works within support as an Applications Engineer. He has his degree in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Physics and is a Certified Vision Professional. His current role supports new 3D design-in projects and current customer projects. Beyond support, he also works with our Innovation team and takes lead with trade show demo development.

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