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Developing IoT Embedded Vision Systems: Mastering the Top 3 Challenges

The evolvement of IoT and advances in embedded vision technology are enabling the emergence of intelligent applications and services. Thus, embedded vision IoT solutions create value in ways that were impossible before. Generating massive amounts of data, deploying Machine Learning modules on the edge for image processing, seamlessly interacting with the cloud – the possibilities seem to be endless. At the same time, the implementation of an embedded vision architecture with integrated IoT services is very complex.

Webinar Description:

Basler identified the top three challenges when developing an IoT embedded vision system for Machine Learning-applications. In this webinar find out how Basler and AWS have bundled their competencies in the field of computer vision, Machine Learning and IoT to tackle these challenges and overcome the complexity. Insights will be given on how an optimized embedded vision architecture can be realized for the deployment of ML-models from the AWS cloud to the edge device, enabling developers to start prototyping their smart, connected vision applications quickly.

Presented by:

Erik Meusel, Teamleader Software Solution

Erik has a Basler background for the last twelve years. Starting as a Microcontroller Developer for camera firmware, he took over the role as a Team Leader for the Firmware Development team. After ten years of activity in the firmware area, he joined the Software Solution team, to help combine vision technology with the thriving field of edge computing to explore the opportunities of IoT.

Jan Metzner, Specialist Solutions Architect for Manufacturing in EMEA at Amazon Web Services

In his work, Jan helps customers to architect, develop and operate scalable and highly innovative solutions with the AWS platform. Jan likes to push the limits of technology and has a passion for manufacturing, IoT and data driven applications. Prior to joining AWS, Jan spent more than 17 years working in high-tech startups and enterprises, serving customers by helping them develop innovate solutions.

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