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How to Optimize Your Vision Application for Real-time and High Performance

FAQ about pylon, GigE & USB3 Vision Cameras on Windows & Linux

Writing a program for a vision application that works can be easy but what about writing one that is efficient, stable, and robust? That's another thing entirely. To set up cameras with pylon that solve basic problems is a piece of cake. What about camera setups that not only solve basic problems, but also serve advanced setups to get the maximum performance of your application? This time we are talking.

In this webinar, Momchil Binev, Platform Manager for Software at Basler AG, will dive and discuss possible optimizations for GigE Vision and USB 3.0 Vision setups considering not only cameras, but also cables, NICs, switches, hubs and the operating systems Windows and Linux. He will share camera communication and system integration best practices that everybody should follow when integrating a vision system, so that most common problems in single- and multi-camera applications can be avoided.

The webinar will discuss the following:

  • How to optimize GigE Vision setups
  • How to optimize USB3 Vision setups

Additionally Momchil will demonstrate how to tune a system and the camera parameters via live demonstrations.

The webinar also features a Q&A session at the end.

Presented by:

Momchil Binev
Product Platform Manager for Software
Basler AG

Momchil Binev holds a Master’s degree in Information and Communication Systems. In his career, he has gained experience in companies like Philips and Airbus. In 2007, Momchil Binev joined Basler in the headquarter Customer Service team. As a senior support engineer, he has helped Basler to win new customer projects and build extraordinary customer relationships. In 2017, Momchil Binev joined the Product Management team and took over the role of the Platform & Market Manager for the pylon Camera Software Suite. He is part of the team responsible for making decisions concerning the Basler software strategy for the factory automation, Medical, ITS and related markets.

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