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Basler Showcase: Product Highlights – See What We Have in Store for You

Join us for Basler's first ever virtual showcase and learn more about some of our product highlights. Our Product Managers will tell us what they love most about their respective product and how your application can truly benefit.

The last 12 months have been challenging for everyone and we all miss being out and about, such as meeting customers at trade shows. We at Basler thought, “Why don’t we bring our product highlights right to our customers’ office, living room, kitchen or wherever they have found their new workspace?” In this showcase, we will show you some of our recent product highlights, give you live demonstrations and explain how these products can make your life easier – or at least your application a little less complex.

This is what we have prepared for you:

Basler boost models

We will show you how you can simplify your vision system with high bandwidth and framerate. The requirements for applications with sensors with high resolution and frame rate are continuously increasing. The integration of such interfaces with high bandwidths are sometimes challenging and complex. We will also explain which solution Basler offers with the product family of the boost CoaXPress 2.0 cameras and interface cards.

ace 2 features

In many applications, unnecessary data is handled which is not required for solving the machine vision task. With the ace 2 cameras we will demonstrate how you can optimize your application with unique camera features, such as Multiple ROI and Pixel Beyond. Benefits: reduce the data load and bandwidth.

Embedded vision products

Let us show you the latest embedded vision products that have been elaborated together with NXP, NVIDIA and AWS. The highlight will be the new Processing Kit, which rethinks embedded vision: The in-house developed board is optimized on both the hardware and software side for a wide range of vision applications. Due to its industrial design, it can be used for series production in addition to prototyping and is thus your fastest way to a final embedded vision solution.

GigE Interface Cards

We will tell you how our new Basler 1GigE and 10GigE interface cards enable a wide variety of multi-camera setups for vision applications. The GigE interface cards are optimized for use with Basler cameras and pylon SDK and are tested over the product life cycle under common operating conditions and against operating system updates.

Presented by:

Zuschant Chugh Product Management Basler AG
Zuschant Chugh
Product Management
Basler AG

Zuschant Chugh is responsible for the product categories including PC cards, peripherals and accessories. He holds a master's degree in Industrial Engineering and Management and prior to joining Basler, he spent three years in the IT and marketing department of a well-known German railroad logistics company.

Malene Fricke Product Partner Manager for Embedded Vision Basler AG
Malene Fricke
Product Partner Manager
for Embedded Vision
Basler AG

Malene Fricke currently holds a position as Product Partner Manager for Embedded Vision in the Module Business department at Basler AG. She received her physics diploma in 2010 in the field of quantum optics. Malene worked in the technical industry with focus on laser, optics and machine vision ever since. In 2014 Malene joined Basler and has become an expert in the field of embedded vision.

Thomas Karow Product Market Manager Cameras & Software Basler AG
Thomas Karow
Product Market Manager
Cameras & Software
Basler AG

Thomas Karow has worked as Product Market Manager at Basler since 2018 and is responsible for the Performance Segment product line as well as the ace 2 family. In this position he is in charge of the market launch of new camera models. Thomas has a diploma in business management. Before joining Basler, he worked in international sales of industrial cameras for over eight years and thus contributes much experience and substantial market knowledge regarding industrial image processing.

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