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VisualApplets expands the application variety of SICK AppSpace

Cooperation between SICK and Silicon Software puts visions into practice

Intelligent cameras and sensors that are integrated into image processing systems face high demands for flexible use in automation and Industry 4.0, as well as in the non-industrial arena. To ensure that imaging devices meet requirements for bandwidth, high data throughput, and real-time processing and can still be implemented in a more targeted manner, SICK AG, manufacturer of sensors and graphical FPGA programming environment, and SiliconSoftware GmbH, manufacturer of frame grabbers and a graphical programming environment, have entered into a partnership.

  • Supported Interfaces: Alle
  • Supported Products: embeddedVisualApplets, VisualApplets 3
  • Product Categories: embeddedVisualApplets, VisualApplets, VisualApplets 3

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