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애플리케이션 노트

Migrating from an L100 CL or a runner GigE camera to racer cameras

문서 번호: AW001443

This application note describes what to consider when replacing the Basler L100 Camera Link or the Basler runner GigE line scan cameras by a racer camera. It compares the camera series in selected key aspects in order to support your transition to the racer and to minimize the risks during migration.

The document shows the benefits of migrating to the Basler concerning the following aspects:

  • Mechanical characteristics of the racer cameras, which facilitates an easy integration
  • What are the advantages of a racer camera due to its electrical components
  • What are the benefits of the racer cameras in terms of image quality
  • What advantages offers the racer camera in terms of optics
  • Availability of known firmware features in the racer camera
  • Easiy configurability due to the free Basler pylon Software Suite

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