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Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) is an essential procedure for manufacturing electronic devices in which various electronic components are connected to bare PCBs. As both PCBs and their components become increasingly smaller and more complex, the accuracy of the inspection process is critical to electronic components’ function and longevity.

As a leading vision expert, Basler has many years of experience equipping optical inspection systems across the PCBA industry. That is why our vision products are trusted by manufacturers to deliver reliable vision inspection for high quality PCBs.


3D- Solder Paste Inspection (3D-SPI) analyzes printed circuit boards for solder paste defects by monitoring paste alignment and volume.​

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2D-Automated Optical Inspection (2D-AOI) examines assembled PCBs in two dimensions to check for defects or failures.

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3D-Automated Optical Inspection (3D-AOI) evaluates assembled PCBs in three dimensions to capture any defects or failures that 2D-AOI is unable to perceive.

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PCBA Applications

Inspection and quality control are critical for PCBA manufacturing. These processes significantly lower the probability of defects for every unique test state the PCB undergoes. This reduces unnecessarily rejected PCBs, improving first pass yield (FPY) while saving time and expense.

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Additional information on PCBA

Would you like to learn more about PCBA? Our library of white papers, use cases, brochures and other exciting documents on PCBA can be found here.

Automated Optical Inspection (AOI)

3D AOI System with CoaXPress 2.0 Components

Learn how to optimize your 3D AOI system with a streamlined design, resulting in higher image quality and flow rate.

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CXP-12 Solution for the Inspection of Electronic Components

CXP-12 Solution for the Inspection of Electronic Components

These two examples demonstrate how to make the most of high-resolution vision products for CMOS sensor inspection and Micro-LED inspection.

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PCB Inspection with Higher Speed and Precision

PCB Inspection with Greater Speed and Precision

Learn how our customer in Switzerland increased yield and reduced the cost of manufacturing printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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