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Switching to USB3 Vision with Basler ace

Imagine Optic Replaces FireWire in New Wavefront Sensor Family for Optical Metrology, Microscopy and Laser Diagnostics

French company Imagine Optic was founded in 1996 as a cooperation between a specialist in wavefront measurement for adaptive optics and an expert in dimensional metrology, to develop the Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensing technology.

This technology is widely used in the fields of pure science, industrial quality control, aerospace & defense, semiconductors, microscopy & bioimaging, and synchrotrons & FELs. It allows users to perform precise wavefront measurements with an absolute accuracy of more than λ/100 rms. From the early stages, it became evident that this technological approach could be applied equally to many domains needing precision metrology tools.

Imagine Optic has enriched their portfolio since then with wavefront sensor product lines for different industries, and continues to innovate with research and development projects in adaptive optics and optical metrology. Imagine Optic incorporated the Basler ace USB 3.0 (acA640-90um) with the high-sensitivity Sony ICX424 sensor into their new wavefront sensor HASO4 First.

To learn more about the wavefront sensor, the Shack-Hartman sensing technology and the application in general, have a look at our Success Story.

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