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Basler scout GigE Cameras Applied in Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System (AUVIS)

Today, physical security is more important than ever and a challenging task to fulfill. Security screenings must be effective, efficient and fast to minimize disruption to persons and/or operations. Facilities with vehicle access often require surveillance installations to carefully identify, search and authenticate vehicles, drivers, passengers and cargo.

US-based security firm Gatekeeper Inc. designs and manufactures security products that automatically identify, search and authenticate vehicles, their drivers, passengers and cargo inside. The AUVIS (Automatic Under Vehicle Inspection System) uses hi-resolution imaging and digital image processing to create vehicle “fingerprints”. Basler scout GigE cameras are used in the AUVIS systems. AUVIS automatically scans the vehicle, creates a fingerprint image, then finds the matching fingerprint in the database of known safe vehicles and “searches” the vehicle using Automatic Foreign Object Detection algorithms. The built-in Automatic License Plate Reader “reads” the license plate number and determines if the plate matches the vehicle to guard against a hostile vehicle using a plate stolen off a vehicle used by a known “trusted” employee or visitor.

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