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Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Using Basler runner GigE and Basler sprint Camera Link Cameras

OCT - Optical Coherence Tomography - is a relatively new technique used for measuring transparent media such as glass or plastics, for example. It is also a well-established medical imaging technique and widely used in ophthalmology to obtain high resolution 3D images of the anterior and posterior parts of the eye. Because OCR works with NIR light instead of white light, there is no reflex from the iris and therefore the patient's eye requires no preparation for the examination.

A high-quality camera-based OCT system requires a reliable, fast line scan or area scan camera meeting the following core requirements:

  • High responsitivity
  • Low dark current
  • High full well capacity
  • Very high line scan rate
  • Low cross talk
  • Reliable, standardized driver family architecture
  • Standardized mechanical profile and
  • No unwanted secondary reflections.

Learn in this Success Story how Thorlabs GmbH, the developer of this OCT system, integrated Basler cameras into its solution.

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