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Improving Production Processes with a Surface Scan System and Basler ace GigE Cameras

Grain-oriented electrical steel: although nearly invisible, it is an omnipresent part of our everyday life. It is used in important and useful devices like transformers and electric motors. This kind of steel must be specially processed, so that its magnetic properties, including the magnitude and homogeneity of the magnetic flux, are suitable for use in power applications. Precision manufacturing techniques and stringent quality control are necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

In the field of machine vision, Czech company Argutec created a Surface Scan System for this purpose. It is a contactless monitoring system for evaluating defects on grain-oriented electrical steel strips. The purpose of the system is to monitor manufacturing quality in realtime, while analyzing and archiving evaluated data.

At the core of the system are four Basler ace area scan cameras and a custom-designed Argutec lighting system for surface defect evaluation. A system of lasers measures flatness in cooperation with one Basler ace area scan camera. For this part of the inspection task, high resolution is crucial for accuracy in the flatness measurement; high speed is important for real-time capability.

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