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Autonomous Driving with Basler Cameras and Frame Grabbers

Driving autonomously at the highest level 5 is already a reality today - on designated test and competition tracks without any risk of accidents. This special engineering achievement has been successfully implemented by students of GreenTeam Stuttgart. They have been building new racing cars every year since 2009, which have proven their capabilities in international construction competitions, Formula Student races. Initially equipped with combustion engines, the focus is now on electrically powered racing cars, i.e. manned as well as autonomous vehicles. The GreenTeam has been extremely successful for years and has been in the top 10 of the world ranking list for electric racing cars without interruption since 2010.

The main task of the image processing system installed in the vehicles is to quickly and reliably recognize in close range different colored caps at the edge of the road as well as at the start and finish, to determine the distance, assign colors and reconstruct the entire route as a map with 2D coordinates.

The system comprises of a sensor array consisting of a LiDAR sensor connected to a GPU and two Basler ace acA1300-75gc color area scan cameras, which transfer 88 frames per second with 1.3 MP resolution via GigE Vision interface to the microEnable IV VQ4-GPoE frame grabber. For the processing of digital control signals the frame grabber is equipped with a special extension card, the Opto-Trigger 5. The image processing system receives the required functionality via the development environment VisualApplets, with which the team graphically programmed the FPGAs with the appropriate applications in a short time.

How the various image processing components work together - read more about it in our customer story.

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