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High Speed Solar Imaging with Basler ace GigE Camera

Jean Pierre Brahic is a top European solar imager. He studies the sunlight in a special spectral region known as the Hydrogen Ha band. This region is a very narrow (<0.7 Angstrom) part of the sun’s chromosphere emission in the red part of the spectrum at 656.3 nm. The chromosphere displays bright regions known as plages and dark areas called filaments.

Filaments, which are jets of plasma, are the same thing as solar prominences, but are on the solar disk itself. These features change their shape very quickly, and a prominence can evolve dramatically in a few minutes time. A prominence’s birth is a cataclysmic event called a solar flare. Jean Pierre captured a very impressive video of a solar flare that lasted 20 minutes. To achieve this, he used a Basler ace GigE camera (acA1300-30gm).

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