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Grind Analysis with Basler racer GigE Cameras

Powders are important constituents in lots of coatings like lacquers, paintings, etc. These powders are fabricated by grinding. For the user of the coating it is crucial that the distribution of the coating ingredients on the finished surface is homogeneous and free of blemishes or faults. But no coating is better than its worst ingredient. Accurate, repeatable and retrievable grind analyses are critical to paint, coatings and chemical manufacturers as insufficiently or over-ground materials can cause loss of productions, higher costs and rework.

A grind gage measures the fineness of grind in a dispersion. The resulting properties of the dispersion vary based on the size of individual particles and the degree to which they are dispersed. Historically, grind analysis is highly subjective when performed by human inspectors. As an alternative to subjective grind analysis, Boulder Imaging developed a fully automated SCG series grind gage inspection system designed to automatically spread pigment dispersion in a highly uniform fashion. The SCG incorporates Basler’s racer series line scan camera for imaging.

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