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"Easy Teach" Brings Reading to Basler sprint Line Scan Cameras

When you buy packaged foods, you expect to find precisely the same contents inside that are listed on the label. To prevent any unpleasant surprises, labels undergo a visual check during the production process. However, labels often look very similar, so manual checks tend to be time intensive and error-prone.

"Easy Teach" is an intelligent image processing system from ISW Industrielle Sensorsysteme Wichmann, headquartered in Germany. The system quickly learns the proper structure for new labels and goes to work immediately detecting irregularities in the text or pictures. Incorrect labels are then sorted out while still on the production line.

Precise images at high speeds are crucial for establishing a robust and efficient production process. The resolution, color fidelity and high line scan rates of Basler sprint line scan cameras make them the ideal solution for this application.