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Basler scout GigE Cameras Used for Cargo Train Fault Inspection System

To ensure reliable and safe rail travel, regular inspections of trains and rail stock in general are mandatory. If a rail accident happens, it can lead to desastrous damage or even the loss of lives. For years, proper inspection of trains has only been performed by technical maintenance staff in workshops. In large countries with long distance rail lines, however, bringing trains into a workshop is entirely unpractical as it considerably disturbes travel schedules.

The main purpose of the inspection system is to detect flaws in the undercarriages and wheels of a moving train. Inspecting these parts without having to bring the train to a complete stop is a significant time saver. In this application, the cargo trains run at about 50 to 60 km/h. The Basler scout GigE cameras which are deployed in the rail bed and beside the rail capture images of the undercarriages and the wheels. Thanks to the cameras' high frame rates and sensitivity, the motion in the images can be "frozen" and a series of images can be captured as the train passes by. An additional benefit are the long cable lengths that the GigE interface supports for the connection between the inspection system and the control room.

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