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Basler runner GigE Cameras Inspect Titanium Zinc Plates Used for Building Construction

Titanium Zinc (TiZn) sheets are used for roofs and wall panels in the building construction industry. Their protective funcionality and flawless appearance are important features of the metal sheets. The inspection process involves a number of challenges such as the application's location in a rolling plant, where high temperatures, dust, lubricants, aerosols, vibration, electromagnetic and light interference are all present. Another challenge is posed by the reflective surface of the metal sheets, which makes choosing the correct imaging technology a crucial task.

Wise Technologies, a Slovenian R&D company, was selected to develop an efficient inspection system to ensure that only TiZn sheets in optimal quality are delivered to the construction sites. After a careful evaluation of all requirements, Wise Technologies developed Wise SCAN, a line scan imaging approach consisting of a table on the production line with an electrical cabinet and two imaging modules that cover the complete width of the metal sheets. Four Basler runner cameras make sure that defects on the metal sheets can be recognized reliably.

The characteristics of the Wise SCAN system are:

  • Control of conveyor widths of up to 1100 mm
  • Control of lines with speeds up to 100 m/min
  • Detection of errors with a size on the x or y axis ≥ 1 mm, user-defined
  • Detection of open scales, closed scales, mechanical damage, burnt oil, stabs, and edge defects.

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