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Turbo Stress - Basler pilot GigE Cameras Help to Inspect Turbine Blades in Aircraft Engines

Turbines in aircraft engines face extremely tough conditions. They must perform at speeds of 30 thousand rpm in temperatures greater than 800 °C for hours at a time. Even the tiniest surface defect can compromise their performance and reliability. To maintain the efficiency and reliability levels the aircraft industry requires, turbine blades are subject to extremely careful and precise regular inspections.

Quebec-based Orus Integration Inc. was tasked with designing a turbine inspection system that would deliver repeatable, precise, linear, and predictable results. INL-1900x2T, the inspection system Orus developed, operates with Basler pilot GigE cameras with different resolutions, a large field of view telecentric lense and special lighting equipment. The entire inspection procedure takes 15 seconds per part and encompasses the following roles:

  • verify several hundred metrology features of the blade,
  • inspect both sides of the turbine blade and other critical surfaces for defects,
  • validate the part's character markings.

Read more about the details of this challenging inspection procedure in our Success Story.

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