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Basler Lens C125-0418-5M F1.8 f4mm - User's Manual

Document number: AW001319

In this User’s Manual for the Basler Lens C125-0418-5M F1.8 f4mm, you can find the general specifications for your lenses model and the basic requirements for using it. This manual also includes specific precautions that you should keep in mind when using the lenses. We strongly recommend that you read and follow the precautions.

On top of that, the manual provides detailed information about the features available on each Basler Lens C125-0418-5M F1.8 f4mm. It also includes an explanation of their operation and the parameters associated with each feature.

In the manual, we assume that you have already followed the instructions in the Installation Guide to install your Basler Lens C125-0418-5M F1.8 f4mm. You can download the latest version of the Installation Guide from the Downloads section of the Basler website.

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