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Basler IP Cameras Ensure Fair Play at Jerry‘s Nugget Casino

With its vibrant casino atmosphere, dazzling shows, and top-name sporting events, Las Vegas is one of the prime tourist attractions in the United States. For almost every tourist, visiting a casino is an essential part of their trip to Las Vegas. However, most visitors aren’t aware of the security measures casino owners must take to ensure fair play – be it security personnel or a surveillance system. And cheating players are not the only security risk. Given the large amounts of money present in a casino at any time, even employees might be tempted to dip their hands into the till. In addition, the risk reduction resulting from improved security measures helps casinos obtain better insurance coverage.In 2010, Jeremy Stamis, executive manager at Jerry’s Nugget Casino, decided that it was time for a security camera technology update and that 220 existing analog cameras would be replaced by state-of-the-art network cameras. The existing analog installation couldn’t deliver images that allowed identification of small details, e.g., the face of a card on the gaming tables. Mr. Stanis decided to use Basler IP Cameras.

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