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Machine Vision Use Grows On Napa Valley's Vines

California is the world’s fourth largest wine-producing region, behind France, Italy, and Spain. Given that the Californian wine industry plays such a significant role in the state’s economy, there is a lot of pressure: not only pressure to produce quality products, but to operate efficient production facilities. In many cases this quest for efficiency translates into opportunities for machine vision technologies. The Kendall-Jackson winery (Fulton, CA) is one site that depends on machine vision to increase efficiency in areas such as bottle inspection. Recently, the winery realized the need to inspect the labels on bottles after they pass through the labeling machine. Here’s the catch: the bottles emerge in a random position and orientation. The solution is the 360 Full View by CI Vision (Aurora, Illinois, USA). The 360 Full View is a wine bottle inspection system including Basler cameras that checks the labels after they have been placed on the bottle.

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