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Basler ace GigE Cameras Catch Face Motion for Animation Movie Industry

With Facemotion, the Hungarian companies ECON and Dolphio have developed a machine vision solution for the recognition of mimic movements in the animation film industry. A popular way of creating characters for such animated films is the motion capture technique. Markers are placed on characteristic spots on a face or body and the camera system records the person acting. The data the markers deliver are used to animate digital character models in 3D. The main challenge was to code algorithms that can precisely track the movement of markers on different camera images, and to calculate the 3D positions from them without marker loss or exchange. The main requirements for the cameras used in the Facemotion system were

  • durable and reliable hardware,
  • camera synchronization options,
  • an advanced SDK,
  • an interface suitable for a mobile system,
  • and a minimum frame rate of 100 fps for high-speed recordings.

After extensive research and testing, Basler’s ace GigE cameras were chosen for this project for their excellent image quality and the easy-to-use pylon SDK.

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