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Basler ace GigeE Cameras Bring Mapvision's Multi-Camera System into the Digital Realm

"Finnish company Mapvision replaced their analog multi-camera ""Quality Gate"" inspection system by digital Basler ace cameras with GigE interface and Power over Ethernet functionality. The Quality Gate inspection system consists of up to 100 cameras and lights on the walls, ceiling and floor of a black room or cabinet. The cameras are used to image the inspected objects from all angles. The imaging is performed in a precisely specified cycle and only takes a few short seconds. The software is the brain of the system, controlling the imaging and performing the 3D image modeling, analysis, and storage.

The cameras' Power over Ethernet interface reduces the number of required cables and facilitates maintenance and installation. Furthermore, Ethernet transmission allows control of several dozen cameras via one single piece of software, and rapid electronic shutter times make effective imaging applications on fast-moving production lines possible. "

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