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Evetar Lens M13B1618WR1 F1.8 f16mm 1/3" - Lenses

Evetar S-mount lens with a fixed focal length of 16 mm and a fixed F-stop of F1.8. With IR-cut filter.

This is a 1/3" lens for color cameras.

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  • Lenses - Evetar Lens M13B1618WR1 F1.8 f16mm 1/3

General Information

Order Number 2000035184
Accessory Type Lenses
Accessory Developer Evetar
Focal Length 16.0 mm
Lens Mount S-mount
Iris F1.8
Iris Type fixed
IR Cut Filter yes
Max. Image Circle 1/3"
Working Distance 200 mm

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Accessory Data Sheet – Lenses

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