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Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040 - Controller

The Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040 allows the easy integration of any light source in a Vision System application by using the Basler SLP feature. The feature enables the direct communication between the Basler SLP Controller and the Basler ace U and L camera, allowing the lighting to be easily operated in different modes such as continuous, strobe or overdrive. When using the Basler SLP Controller, the user can also gain access to the simple lighting concept via a uniform software interface, the pylon Camera Software Suite.

We offer various Power I/O cables for the Basler SLP Controller:

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  • Controller - Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040

General Information

Order Number 2200000258
Accessory Type Controller
Accessory Developer Basler
Lighting modes Continuous; Strobe incl. overdrive mode
Drive method Current control
Number of channels 1; Daisy Chain: up to 4 devices
Output current Continuous 0.05A - 2A
Output current overdrive mode 10A @200µs pulse width
Output voltage range 1.5V - 40V
Max. Output power continuous 40W
Max. Output power overdrive mode 400W (peak)
Pulse width 50µs - 5ms
Pulse step size 10µs
Max. frequency 200Hz
Input voltage 24V +/-10%
Housing Size (L x W x H) 89mm x 60mm x 43,5mm
Weight (typical) 200 g
  • RoHS
  • CE
  • FCC


The manuals for the Basler SLP Controller includes the specifications of the Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040. These documents provide information about the electrical specifications, the environmental or the physical specifications as well as information about compliance and conformity.

Read the user’s manual for your camera including the precautions before connecting the Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040 to the camera. The user’s manual also contains further information about pin assignments, power requirements, as well as comprehensive information about installing and using the camera.

All Manuals - Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040


Certificates such as the Declaration of EC Conformity, the ISO 9001 Certificate and the KCC Certificate document that Basler products conform to the respective standards and guidelines.

All Certificates - Basler SLP Strobe Controller 121040

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