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  • The new pylon 5 summer release is here!

    The new pylon 5 release is now available for download. Discover the highlights of this new release here.

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pylon Linux x86

The pylon Camera Software Suite is a software package comprised of an easy-to-use SDK and drivers and tools that you can use to operate any Basler camera using a PC running on the Windows, Linux or OS X operating system. It offers unrestricted access to the latest camera models and features.

The Basler pylon Linux x86 software, the ReadMe and the pylon Linux x86 documentation can all be downloaded here.

The advantages of the pylon Linux x86 Release at a glance:

  • Unrestricted support for Basler GigE and USB 3.0 cameras
  • Configuration support for BCON cameras
  • Support for 32 and 64-bit x86 architectures
  • Tailored for both desktop and embedded systems

The current version of pylon Linux x86 runs on all current Linux kernel versions (LSB 4.1 — more detailed information can be found in the ReadMe file)

pylon 5 – Faster, smaller, simpler!

With the pylon 5 camera software suite Basler is the first camera manufacturer to provide software that uses the new GenICam 3 technology.

Faster: Thanks to GenICam 3, cameras now open about 4 times as fast as in the previous GenICam versions.

Smaller: GenICam 3 requires only about half as much memory in comparison with previous GenICam versions.

Comparison pylon 4 and pylon 5

Both properties are especially advantageous when working with less powerful systems, such as embedded systems. The new standard is also extensively backward compatible; no or only slight code modifications of the existing software are necessary allowing even older Basler cameras benefit from these innovations in pylon. Any necessary changes are described in detail in the pylon migration guide.

Simpler: Thanks to the new options for simple copy deployment, programs created using the pylon SDK can be delivered to the end user more simply than ever — all that's needed is for the pylon files actually needed at runtime to be copied to the target system. Thus, pylon-based applications can be redistributed leaner and lower than ever in resource demands. Copy deployment also makes it simple and easy to install pylon without conflict on Machine Vision software packages from other manufacturers based on GenICam technology.

Easier software development for embedded systems

Due to the significant cost advantages compared to standard desktop systems, embedded systems are becoming more and more interesting for vision applications. However, software development for an embedded target is often much more complex compared to a standard system - and thus more expensive.

pylon eases the development process for embedded systems and can help reduce development costs and lower the cost threshold for embedded development to pay for itself:

  • Because pylon supports various operating systems (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux) and processor architectures (x86, ARM) but always provides the same API, application development (such as for prototypes) can be started on a standard PC and later ported to a different platform, including embedded ones, without requiring changes to the code. Even existing pylon-based code can be easily migrated from a desktop to an embedded target.
  • pylon always provides the same API, regardless of the camera interface technology used (GigE, USB, etc.). This makes it possible to start development, e.g. in the evaluation and prototyping phase, with an easy-to-integrate plug-and-play camera (such as the dart with USB3 Vision Interface) and then later switch to another interface (such as dart with BCON interface) within the embedded context. This switchover requires just a few changes of code — if any.

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Use of pylon

Use of pylon

The use of pylon is permitted only with Basler cameras. More information can be found here.