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pylon vTools

Seamlessly integrated image processing with pylon

Use pylon vTools to quickly and easily create high-performance image processing functions for your applications. Design and test intelligent structure recognition, micrometer-precise object positioning, or robust code recognition and integrate everything into your own application – together with camera control and image acquisition, precisely tailored to Basler's camera portfolio. Available as C++ SDK for Windows and Linux x86.

Easy creation in pylon Viewer

Create image processing functions quickly and easily in the pylon Viewer’s Workbench. Here you can select, insert, and configure individual processing steps as vTools. By connecting single vTools together, you can create and test complete image processing workflows. Save image processing workflows created in the Workbench as Recipe files, to use them in your own applications.

Precise adjustment with live image

Individual processing steps of vTools as well as the entire image processing workflow of a recipe file can be tested and precisely adjusted within the Workbench on the live image. This allows you to quickly and easily achieve optimal performance and accuracy for real-world situations.

Flexible integration with pylon APIs

To integrate image processing functions into your own applications, the popular pylon APIs offer a variety of simple functions for loading and executing recipe files, and for evaluating the results in your program code. Adjust the settings of your application via recipe file using the pylon Viewer - without having to change or recompile the application code.

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The Developer Preview will run under Windows and Linux x86. It provides a C++ API and includes vTools for simple region analysis,
code readers, calibration, pattern matching and 1D-measurements.

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