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Basler ace 10 and 14 MP Models — High Resolution and Excellent Value for Money

Looking for an affordable camera that delivers highly detailed images and easy integration? Test out the Basler ace GigE and USB 3.0 cameras with the latest 10 and 14 MP CMOS sensors from Aptina.

These cameras from Basler help you optimize your system at both the technical and budgetary level.

  • Improve your system‘s performance: Greater image detail and improved Field of View (FOV) thanks to the higher resolutions.
  • Cut your system costs: You’ll need fewer cameras per system to achieve the same results as before, while also benefiting from the new Aptina A-pix technology and its very small and sensitive pixels.
  • In short: You’ll be working with extremely powerful cameras in Basler’s uncompromisingly high quality and perpetually attractive prices.

Overview of Technical Details:

  • The latest generation of high-sensitivity Aptina CMOS sensors with 10 and 14 MP resolution
  • Complete utilization of the USB 3.0 bandwidth: 14 frames per second (fps) at 10 MP and 10 frames per second at 14 MP resolution
  • Impressive speeds with Gigabit Ethernet: 10 fps at 10 MP and 7 fps at 14 MP resolution
  • Rolling shutter sensors with global start release feature
  • 100% conformity with USB3 Vision and GigE Vision standards
  • Small and light — ideal for systems where space is at a premium
  • 3 years warranty and our free pylon Camera Software Suite

Examples of Typical Applications

This camera is ready for a very wide range of applications. Its strengths make it perfect for

  • Code reading: Read even more codes at once through the extended field of view
  • Digital microscopy (industrial and biomedical): Ideal fit thanks to high resolution, sensor format (1/2“), and plug & play with USB 3.0
  • Alignment: Quicker alignment using the detail-rich images and large inspection area for each shot

Six models in monochrome and color, ready for testing:

Camera Models Resolution (H x V) Frame Rate Mono/Color Interface
acA3800-14um 3840 px x 2748 px 14 fps Mono USB 3.0
acA3800-14uc 3840 px x 2748 px 14 fps Color USB 3.0
acA4600-10uc 4608 px x 3288 px 10 fps Color USB 3.0
acA3800-10gm 3856 px x 2764 px 10 fps Mono GigE
acA3800-10gc 3856 px x 2764 px 10 fps Color GigE
acA4600-7gc 4608 px x 3288 px 7 fps Color GigE