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Opto-coupled Trigger 5 - Trigger board

Trigger Board for Opto-Coupled Signals

You can use this trigger extension board with the microEnable frame grabbers. It enables 16 opto-coupled (galvanically isolated) trigger signals that can be adjusted to the industrial signal level (usually 5 to 24 volts). The 8 inputs and 8 outputs can be configured with a special applet in VisualApplets.

  • connect external peripherals to the frame grabber
  • synchronize multiple frame grabbers with each other via one trigger board (special multiboard trigger cable)
  • individually adjust the inputs and outputs with VisualApplets

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  • Trigger board - Opto-coupled Trigger 5


Order Number 2200000371
Accessory Type Trigger board
Accessory Developer Basler
Connectors 2 x SUB-D15 (female) socket
Inputs/outputs 8 in / 8 out mapped on two ports
Signal transfer protection opto-decoupled, galvanic isolation
Connectivity to frame grabber 34-pin flat cable
Signal driver to frame grabber open collector driver
Trigger configurations Outputs: inverted / non-inverted

Electrical features

Supported voltage levels 4.5V to 28V (VCC)
Signal polarity configurable
Max. frequency 2.5 MHz
Min. pulse width 200 ns
V input level low < 0.2 VCC
V input level high > 0.2 VCC
Differential input voltage 10 mV
I input 4 mA
V output level low 0.3 V
V output level high VCC -0.3 V
I output level low 20 mA
I output level high -20 mA
Operating temperature -40 - 85°C

Application support

Multi trigger board operation supported
Mixed Mode (TTL/opto trigger) supported
Multi frame grabber operation supported


Frame Grabber Support microEnable IV, microEnable 5 marathon, microEnable 5 ironman
PC case mounting Standard profile height, no PCI slot necessary
Provided software IO configuration tool
Provided accessories 34-pin flat cable

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