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  • imaWorx Frame Grabber – First-Class Computer Vision

imaWorx Frame Grabber for the Performance Segment

Our imaWorx frame grabber is suitable for applications with high-speed and real-time requirements. It consists of pre-configured plug-in cards for robust image acquisition and processing, equipped with essential image pre-processing functions. All frame grabbers are developed by our Mannheim, Germany office (formerly Silicon Software).

The frame grabbers work with all common machine vision cameras that support the CoaXPress 2.0 standard. They are ideally suited for demanding applications where high data throughput, lowest latencies and best image quality are required. These include industrial automation (electronics, AOI inspection, web inspection, sorting) and medical (technology).

Multi-channel frame grabbers are ideally suited for setting up multi-camera systems with different link configurations or setups with several frame grabbers. All components of the vision system are precisely synchronized with each other via signal processing. Compatible components for the frame grabber are available from our extensive portfolio.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Extensive image preprocessing, which (through debayering) increases speed and reduces the load on the overall system (camera and CPU)
  • Triggering for synchronization of all components with lowest latencies (real time)
  • Use of the latest FPGA technology
  • Support for the most important third-party software libraries
  • Single technical support for all components
  • Reduced hardware and software complexity
  • Low implementation and maintenance costs
  • Use of low-cost PCs
  • Highly competitive price on the market

imaWorx CXP-12 Quad frame grabber

  • Preconfigured CXP-12 frame grabber with 4 ports
  • Robust image acquisition at up to 50 Gbps from camera and transfer with 1.5 GB RAM memory
  • Grayscale and color images (monochrome, RGB, Bayer)
  • Sensor resolution of max. 32k x 65k pixels (area scan camera)
  • Line scan camera applications possible with Basler boost camera and a special applet (shaft encoder)
  • Two independently configurable GPIO connectors (front GPIO and onboard GPIO for connecting an additional GPIO board (TTL trigger board ) for advanced trigger modes
  • IO connector for connecting multiple frame grabbers
  • Transfer rates to host PC up to 7,200 Mbps via PCIe 3.0 x8
  • Single-cable solutions with Power over CoaXPress (PoCXP)
  • Low heat dissipation
  • Upgrade from older CoaXPress frame grabbers as well as to newer models possible
  • Support for GenICam (GenTL)

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imaWorx CXP-12 Quad CXP-12; up to 4 cameras 4 x 12,5 Gbit/s imaWorx CXP-12 Quad CoaXPress 2.0 CXP-12; up to 4 cameras 4 x 12,5 Gbit/s PCIe 3.1 x8 Series Production: now

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Accessories and Bundles

Additional Accessories

Here you can find suitable accessories for your frame grabber.

Frame grabber components such as the trigger boards complement the frame grabber to synchronize image acquisition with the entire image processing system in real-time. The signal processing controls sensors and actuators such as cameras, lighting, light barriers and encoders.

For microEnable IV frame grabbers, the temperature upgrade guarantees an increase of the factory approved operating temperature. Power Supply enables a direct power supply of the GigE Vision cameras via the frame grabber.

Matching accessories often sold together with this product:

 - CS-mount to S-mount adapter
CS-mount to S-mount adapter

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 - CS-mount to S-mount adapter
CS-mount to S-mount adapter
Accessory Type Lens Accessories


  • Opto trigger: opto-coupled signals
  • TTL trigger: standard TTL level
  • Multiple input and output signals (max. 8x in, 8x out)
  • Synchronization of the image acquisition process
  • Synchronization of multiple cameras in the image acquisition system
  • Control of the camera’s exposure time
  • Independent control of multiple cameras connected to a frame grabber
  • Highly flexible graphic programming of user-defined trigger functions with VisualApplets

Matching accessories often sold together with this product:



We offer a wide portfolio of data cables and power I/O cables in various lengths. The Basler Premium data cables are also suitable for drag chain applications. The power I/O cables have been individually matched to Basler cameras. We have also thoroughly tested all data cables for compatibility with interface cards and frame grabbers. By carefully preselecting and qualifying suppliers, we can ensure the high quality of the cables over the long term.

Matching accessories often sold together with this product:

 - Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), DrC,5m
 - Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), DrC,5m
Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), DrC,5m
Accessory Type Data Cable
Interface CoaXPress (CXP-12)
Cable Length 5.0 m
Connector Camera Side Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Connector Host Side Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
 - Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), DrC,10m
 - Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), DrC,10m
Cable CXP, Micro-BNC x2 (HD-BNC), DrC,10m
Accessory Type Data Cable
Interface CoaXPress (CXP-12)
Cable Length 10.0 m
Connector Camera Side Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
Connector Host Side Micro-BNC (HD-BNC)
 - I/O Cable, Micro-D15 / open, 1.83 m
 - I/O Cable, Micro-D15 / open, 1.83 m
I/O Cable, Micro-D15 / open, 1.83 m
Accessory Type I/O / Power Cables
Interface I/O
Cable Length 1.83 m
Connector Host Side Micro-D15
VisualApplets 3

VisualApplets 3

VisualApplets enables access to the FPGA processors in the image processing hardware, such as frame grabbers, industrial cameras and image processing devices, to implement individual image processing applications.

  • Programming of the V-series frame grabbers and image processing hardware with special applications
  • Bandwidth control and FPGA resource assessment
  • Without expert skills or hardware programming
  • Reuse proprietary VHDL libraries in VisualApplets
  • Shorten project times, accelerate market availability

More about VisualApplets 3
VisualApplets Embedder

VisualApplets Embedder

Image processing devices become compatible with VisualApplets

  • Unlimited configuration of FPGA hardware with specific image processing applications
  • Promptly adjust image processing applications to customer and market requirements
  • Plan and implement complete product lines in a short time
  • Transfer developed image processing applications to different vision devices with minimal effort
  • Reduce the data volume with image pre-processing and alternatively apply inexpensive interfaces such as Gigabit Ethernet
  • End customers get the added value of programming the devices themselves in a specified framework
  • End customers receive smart devices that guarantee them the most flexibility and investment reliability

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VisualApplets Expert

VisualApplets Expert

Experienced users have the option of applying existing hardware code, debugging the design under runtime conditions and creating paths to parameters in hierarchical structures.

  • With the custom library, system builders apply their image processing modules programmed in VHDL or Verilog (VHDL libraries) in VisualApplets as generic operators, thus preserving their preparatory work.
  • The debugging library enables enhanced debugging to detect programming errors, deadlocks and bandwidth problems and to increase the design stability.
  • The parameters library offers users tools to change even those parameters that might be deeply embedded in the design’s hierarchical structures. The changes are automatically and consistently updated during the runtime.

More about VisualApplets Expert
VisualApplets Libraries

VisualApplets Libraries

VisualApplets libraries comprise multiple operator libraries which expand the operators’ scope with valuable image processing functions, such as those for segmentation, classification and compression.

  • Segmentation/classification: These operators are used to segment and define objects in images and assign characteristics to them.
  • Compression: The JPEG operator makes it possible to execute the JPEG image compression directly on the FPGA of the vision hardware to reduce image data.

More about VisualApplets Libraries
VisualApplets Protection

VisualApplets Protection

To prevent the use of proprietary applets on external frame grabbers and thus protect intellectual property from outside access, the applets and frame grabbers can each be securely encoded with a lock.

  • Applets and frame grabbers are each securely encoded with a lock.
  • Two protective mechanisms guarantee maximum security.

More about VisualApplets Protection
microDisplay X

microDisplay X

During the activation of frame grabbers, microDisplay X helps you test the entire system configuration, select and parameterize applets and perform camera settings.

  • Configure cameras (GenICam) and applets directly in the start window and save or access the configuration
  • Load multiple applets (one applet per board)
  • Enlarge DMA (Direct Memory Access) output window for a large-scale display of an individual DMA output
  • Optimized accuracy of the frame rate information (frames per second) during the acquisition
  • Easy setup of line scan camera systems with line profile and line histogram (provide information on individual pixel values and the distribution of a line)
  • Buffer assigned in applet but not used (if the image section transferred by the camera is too small) is displayed in red in the DMA output window
  • New log window to access general and camera discovery log information, grabber events and system status information at any time

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microDiagnostics makes it possible to flash a frame grabber with applets and perform various tests for a successful activation

  • Support with the speedy activation of the frame grabber
  • Test functions simplify an overview of the full system’s functionality
  • Simple camera change by selecting and flashing another applet

More about microDiagnostics


The Software Development Kit (SDK) is an easy way to integrate a frame grabber and camera into the customer’s application while using complex trigger settings, particularly the microEnable frame grabber function, to their full extent. A generic application programming interface (API) enables platform-independent work. Of course, the SDK also helps system builders develop their own C/C++/C# or Python applications.

  • Quick and easy integration of frame grabbers into your application and software environment
  • Flexible for the use of different programming languages (C++, C#, Python)
  • Reduced development times for projects

More about SDKs
Third-party software

Third-party software

The frame grabbers are compatible with software from the following third-party providers. To this end, interfaces and adapters are available that allow you to continue working with the software you are using.

More about third-party software
Basler pylon Camera Software Suite

Basler pylon Camera Software Suite

With the pylon Camera Software Suite you can set up your boost camera and all its functions in a quick and effective way. It also helps you to integrate the camera into your software.

Basler pylon Camera Software Suite


The manuals provide complete information on all aspects of usage - from installing frame grabbers and software to first acquisition checks to advanced image processing. Described are all frame grabber series and models available together with their hardware and software add-ons, their specific functionalities and all image processing options along with the graphical FPGA development environment VisualApplets.

Frame Grabber - User Manual



Basler product brochures provide an overview of the many benefits offered by Basler accessories. They describe technical characteristics and product features and offer detailed information about the technical specifications.


White Papers

Basler White Papers provide a comprehensive overview of the fundamental theory of industrial image processing. The authors are all experts in their respective fields and go into detail on relevant thematic points of interest to novices and experienced users alike.


Product Insights

Basler Product Insights highlight noteworthy information about the technical properties and features of various accessories. The Product Insights focus strongly on product-related topics, offering insights from the point of view of a Basler product manager.


Customer Stories

Basler Customer Stories describe a broad diversity of applications and potential uses for Basler frame grabbers on a variety of markets. They explain the requirements Basler’s customers had to face while designing their image processing system and how Basler frame frabbers successfully contributed to resolving the problem.

Components and technical support – all directly from Basler

Basler supports you with an extensive, compatible portfolio of cameras with the latest sensors, frame grabbers, interface cards, lenses, cables and other accessories as well as software. Evaluation kits adapted to these products significantly accelerate your test phase and implementation.

Our technical support has many years of know-how about frame grabber products and their fields of application. The high level of competence in dealing with interfaces and components of the frame grabbers and our good relationships with the producers help to solve problems quickly and without complications.

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Get More out of Your Image Processing System

Our service offer ranges from a comprehensive consulting to complete support with development tasks for customer-specific products (customizing)

  • VisualApplets workshops – training for entry-level and advanced users
  • Coaching – consulting and development for concrete tasks
  • Consulting – project consulting from beginning to end and beyond
  • Feasibility study – evaluation of a project with a detailed outcome report
  • Development (customizing) – customer-specific adaptations for hardware and software solutions
  • Design check – check of customers’ VisualApplets designs

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