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  • Comprehensive Frame Grabber Portfolio

    Frame grabbers paired with graphic FPGA programming, software and appropriate components – for the success of your individual image processing project.

Frame Grabber Portfolio – High-Performance, Reliable and Flexible

Powerful frame grabbers, which have been developed by our Mannheim branch (formerly Silicon Software), are the control center for robust high-speed image acquisition and processing in real time on FPGAs including image pre-processing, which minimizes the CPU load. The boards, which can be programmed with the graphic development environment VisualApplets, can be customized for your specific needs. The Opto and TTL trigger boards offer flexible signal processing. Comprehensive software supports the activation and testing of the image processing system.

imaWorx Frame Grabber – First-Class Computer Vision

imaWorx Frame Grabber – First-Class Computer Vision

The imaWorx frame grabber series consists of image acquisition and processing cards of the highest category with large transmission bandwidths at minimum latencies and best image quality. Even the most demanding inspection tasks can be implemented in a cost-optimized manner.

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microEnable Frame Grabber for Highest Demands

microEnable Frame Grabber for Highest Demands

Select the right board for your image processing task from one of the most extensive frame grabber ranges in the market. The boards excel with robust image capture, image pre-processing, minimal latencies and top speeds for all conventional camera interfaces.

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Interface Cards for Better Robustness and System Stability

Interface Cards for Better Robustness and System Stability

Interface cards form the interface between the PC and the camera. They are installed in the PC for smooth image acquisition and transmission, digitizing the analog camera signals. In a multi-camera system, they represent a particularly important component.

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Graphic FPGA development environment VisualApplets

Simple and Fast Graphic FPGA Programming

Without requiring any hardware programming, the graphic VisualApplets development environment makes FPGA programming accessible to software developers and application engineers. Complex image and signal processing tasks become easier, which accelerates the time-to-market for your image processing system.

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Frame grabber trigger boards

Frame Grabber Trigger Boards – and Everything Runs in Sync

High-performance signal processing controls the image acquisition with minimal latencies and synchronizes the hardware peripherals of the image processing system – such as cameras, lighting, light barriers, rotary encoders, etc. – in real time. The Opto and TTL trigger boards extend the frame grabbers and enable a series connection of frame grabbers, triggers or peripherals.

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Frame grabber software

Frame Grabber Software – the Perfect Tool for the Frame Grabber

Software solutions for the configuration, testing and activation of the entire image processing system – easy and flexible with microDiagnostics, microDisplay X and the frame grabber SDK. Components such as cameras can be exchanged and the entire system can be enhanced with additional features.

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