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Find Big Discoveries in the Smallest Details – with Basler’s PowerPack for Microscopy

Thanks to Basler's new PowerPack concept, you can now tailor your camera system without compromises.

In every implementation of a microscopy application, your system’s requirements are very individual and so are your expectations. Benefit from Basler's high-quality cameras with all necessary components at your fingertips for a comfortable system set-up and easy installation. Rely on precise and reliable imaging, as well as on professional software for image acquisition and analysis.

Your benefits include:

  • Pick and choose your complete plug-and-play microscopy package
  • Count on high performance cameras with state-of-the-art CMOS sensors
  • Work with professional microscopy software for image acquisition and analysis
  • Take advantage of Basler’s unique microscopy optimized image enhancement and color adjustment technology

You Have the Choice – Pick Your Microscope Camera

Based on today’s ambitious microscopy requirements, Basler offers color cameras equipped with the standardized USB 3.0 interface in various performance configurations.

Choose Basler Microscopy pulse for the best cost efficiency.
Choose Basler Microscopy ace to meet the most demanding performance requirements.

Basler Microscopy Cameras

Basler Microscopy Cameras

Precise, reliable, highest performance and value for money

USB 3.0

Use the following matrix to get a first overview of available camera models, their technology key performance areas and a listing of suitable microscopy applications.

STEP 1: You Have the Choice – Pick Your Microscope Camera
  • Basler Microscopy Cameras – Benefits at a Glance for Precision without Compromises

    To meet challenging microscopy requirements, Basler Microscopy Cameras deliver the highest performance.

    Basler’s digital microscope cameras provide the highest image quality in real-time, as well as outstanding color reproduction and fidelity, and a high dynamic range. These are prerequisites essential for reproducible, detailed observation, differentiation and analysis of the most delicate structures in materials or biological samples.

    Choose Basler cameras to benefit fully from the following advantages:

    • State-of-the-art CMOS sensor technology for highest performance
    • Resolutions from 1.2 MP to 5 MP for top-notch image quality
    • USB 3.0 interface for Plug-and-Play performance and SuperSpeed data transfer
    • Up to 82 frames per second for smooth live preview, fast focusing and sample screening
    • Unique microscopy-optimized image enhancement and color adjustment technology
    • Made with German precision for the best price/performance ratio

    In the future, cameras with CMOS sensors will play an important role in microscopy thanks to ongoing development and a significantly improved performance. CMOS sensors are not only cost-effective, compact and versatile. Their high speeds (frame rate) and resolution (number of pixels), lower power consumption, as well as recently-added improved noise characteristics, dynamics, quantum efficiency and color concepts have opened them up to applications previously reserved for CCD sensors.

    Read more about Basler Microscopy Cameras

Tailored All-Round Package – Easy Setup and Quick Start Thanks to Compatible Equipment

  • Camera Accessories

    Compatibility-tested components ensure a quick start
    Compatibility-tested components

    Your Basler PowerPack is designed for an easy system setup. You receive a tested USB 3.0 cable which fits just right to your chosen microscope camera. Tested for high quality, it supports your system for easy plug-and-play and reliable operation.

    The PowerPack with Microscopy pulse Camera also includes a CS- to C-mount adapter for trouble-free system assembly. This adapter has been produced with high precision for ideal C-mount adaptation.

    Read more about included accessories

Get best results for your application

STEP 3: Get best results for your application

Basler´s PowerPacks for Microscopy include cameras with the latest and most cost-effective CMOS technology. In combination with the professional and easy-to-use software, the cameras are perfectly suited for a wide range of optical microscopy applications. Visualization and monitoring, image capturing, processing and/or analysis, as well as discussion, documentation and archiving in life science, medical or industrial settings: each task provides insights into fine details, structure and function of the most diverse and smallest objects.

  • Suitable optical microscopy applications

    Basler’s PowerPack meets and exceeds your requirements and expectations
    Suitable optical microscopy applications

    Many routine microscopy applications are based on light microscopy using various illumination and contrast methods.

    • Brightfield
    • Contrasting methods
    • Darkfield
    • Standard fluorescence
    Suitable optical microscopy applications

    Today cameras are a central part of these microscopy techniques and are used wherever it is important to monitor images live and discuss, capture, analyze and archive them. Basler Microscopy Cameras reliably deliver high-resolution, pin-sharp images with striking color fidelity – essential conditions for use in the most diverse applications:

    • Education
    • Industrial applications
    • Materials science and engineering technology
    • Forensics
    • Life sciences
    • Diagnostics
    Read more about suitable applications

Trust in State-of-the-Art Vision Technology Made in Germany

Trust in State-of-the-Art Vision Technology Made in Germany

Basler cameras are not only known for their outstanding performance and state-of-the-art technology. Thanks to exhaustive quality assurance measures, long-lasting camera life is a given. We also stand for a long-term market availability of our cameras to make your decision worthwhile and satisfying.

  • Cameras Made with German Precision

    Our approach to quality assurance is rigorous

    With over 25 years of vision experience, Basler leads the effort to standardize image quality and sensitivity measurement for cameras and sensors. Our cameras are designed and measured in 100% compliance with the EMVA 1288 standard. Basler’s reputation for quality speaks for itself and will meet your highest expectations.

    We constantly audit all facets of our business to ensure powerful performance, increase efficiency and reduce costs for our customers. We comply with quality standards including ISO 9001, CE, UL, RoHS, and more.

    Already today, we install many cameras into Medical & Life Science applications. In these applications, digital cameras must provide the highest image quality and exceptional color reproduction. New advanced image enhancement and color adjustment algorithms enable consistent and repeatable color fidelity, and perfectly reproduce pictures of challenging samples.

    We employ several quality inspection procedures during manufacturing. Every Basler camera is subjected to exhaustive optical, electrical and mechanical tests before leaving the factory. Regardless of what technology or camera model you choose, you can be assured of consistent performance.

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