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3D image processing is making rapid inroads into the world of industrial automation - in logistics, robotics, autonomous vehicles and "Smart Factory", but also in non-industrial environments, such as medicine, which offer interesting applications for precise, robust and fast 3D cameras. The new Basler blaze with integrated modern DepthSense™ sensor technology from Sony is ideal for a wide range of applications thanks to its precision, compact design and simple integration.

Freight dimensioning

Planning and optimizing space and costs in a warehouse or transport vehicle requires knowing the exact size of the pallets and packages as well as their weight.

Thanks to its precision, speed, robustness, compact size and GigE interface, the Basler blaze camera is suitable for precise, flexible measurements collected when passing by. When color is needed, it can be combined and synchronized with all Basler 2D cameras.

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Next day delivery and mixed pallets require fast and intelligent palletizing robots to pack items closely on one pallet. Machine vision is necessary to guide the robot accordingly.

The camera data can be used to determine the shape, position and orientation of the object to be picked and to find the best lifting point. The camera’s robustness, compact size and low weight allow mounting on the robot arm.

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Palletizing with Basler blaze
Autonomous vehicles & mobile robots

Autonomous vehicles & mobile robots

Navigation, obstacle detection and fine positioning during docking and recording require a complete view of the surroundings in high resolution.

The blaze camera captures the entire scene with a good range and in real time, both in daylight and without light at all. Its compact, rugged and reliable design allows easy integration. The built-in, powerful processor also minimizes CPU load on the vehicle controller.

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Item counting

Counting objects in a package and checking for completeness help prevent dissatisfaction with your customers.

The blaze camera provides perfect data for counting, regardless of color and contrast, and without an additional light source.

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Palletizing with Basler blaze

Patient positioning

Exact patient positioning during x-raying influences the quality of the images and helps minimize the necessary radiation dose.

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