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Customized Cameras

Have you ever looked for a camera exactly tailored to meet your specific needs? Just imagine you could get a camera that includes a special pre-processing function defined by you or a housing built to suit your specific mechanical requirements. Use of image statistics generated by the camera would significantly reduce the CPU resources needed for your vision task. Tailored I/O signals in the camera would open up the possibility for direct interaction between the camera, your lighting system, and your handling equipment. You may think that such cameras do not exist, but they do.

At Basler we pride ourselves on the fact that we offer customized cameras tailored to meet specific customer needs. We believe that customized cameras can help our customers move ahead of their competition as a result of the technical or price advantages that can be gained via a customization.

Some examples of customization are:

  • Customized housings such as adapted mounting points or customer logos
  • Customized firmware such as preprocessing algorithms
  • Software and driver modifications
  • Production statistical information
  • Tighter quality levels and pre selections

Basler has put a system in place for professionally handling customized camera projects. With this system, we are able to thoroughly evaluate your customization needs and to quickly make accurate estimates of development time and costs.

If you want to know more about what your customized camera could look like, please contact us!

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