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Why switch to CMOS? Ask our engineers at booth 1010!

Looking for a camera for cell counting, in-vitro imaging or another lab automation or microscopy application?

In the next 2-3 years, the medical and life sciences industry will transition from CCD to CMOS sensors. This change is driven by the advancement of the CMOS technology and by the decision of Sony to stop the CCD sensor production. At Basler, we can provide you guidance for this transition, since we experienced the same shift in factory automation.

The newest CMOS sensors show better performance than their CCD alternatives. Compare the dark noise and dynamic range for these typical cameras:

Camera Resolution
Sensor Dark Noise
Dynamic Range
acA1300-30uc 1294×964 CCD ICX445 9 57
acA1920-40uc 1920×1200 CMOS IMX174 7 74

Discuss with our engineers which camera would be the optimal replacement!

Meet one of our engineers at booth #1010 at the 2017 ASCB | EMBO Meeting! At our booth, you'll also see:

  • Newest CMOS cameras with the back-illuminated Sony STARVIS sensors and the Sony Pregius sensors
  • Basler cameras for microscopy
  • Basler Video Recording Software
  • Fluorescence features of the Basler Microscopy Software

Do you like videos and hard data?

We made a Vision Campus video that explains why you should switch to CMOS sensors. Also, we prepared a chart with a comparison of EMVA 1288 Standard data for image quality and sensitivity.

Why would you want to use cameras with CMOS sensors? Thies Möller, Basler's engineer, explains in this short video

Watch the video

Compare the dark noise and dynamic range values for cameras with CCD sensors and the newest CMOS sensors in the EMVA Data Overview

Download the PDF file


Pennsylvanian Convention Center,
1101 Arch Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107


December 3-5, 2017
Sunday to Tuesday, 9:30 am‐4:00 pm

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