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Surgical Imaging

Highest precision for crisp, clear images

Surgical Imaging Illustration

A precise visualization of complex as well as very delicate anatomical structures in real time is a basic requirement for imaging methods in the surgical environment.

Basler cameras reliably provide high-resolution and pin sharp images with high contrast range and exact color fidelity.

This creates an optimal basis for intraoperative visualization, for image analysis and process simulation, for documentation, presentation and discussion in the surgical environment. Today digital cameras are an integral part of systems for optical microscopic and fluorescence-based intraoperative visualization, for minimally invasive computer- and robot-assisted surgery or intraoperative navigation.

Typical areas of use:

  • Light microscopic/stereoscopic and fluorescence-based intraoperative visualization
  • Minimally invasive, computer- and robot-assisted surgery
  • Intraoperative navigation
  • Monitoring

Suitable cameras

Basler ace

Basler ace: Exceptional performance and maximum flexibility

  • High-sensitivity color and monochrome cameras, as well as NIR variants
  • High speeds for authentic live images
  • Color fidelity and high contrast range for analysis of color gradations
  • Particularly suitable: acA1300-60gmNIR, acA4024-29uc, acA2440-75uc

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Basler pulse

Basler pulse: Lightweight, attractive design

  • Small design with an elegant metal housing
  • Single cable solution with USB3 Vision technology
  • Low power consumption (just 1.3 W)
  • Global shutter and rolling shutter options with frame rates up to 60 fps

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Basler dart

Basler dart: Small board-level camera

  • Bare board: Only 27 x 27 mm and a mere 5 g
  • S- and CS-Mount: only 29 x 29 mm and 15 g
  • Popular ON Semiconductor CMOS sensors with resolutions up to 5 MP and 60 fps
  • Outstanding value, with entry level prices starting at €99

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ToF - Time of Flight

Basler ToF Camera: Cut System Costs with 3D Technology

  • Pulsed Time-of-Flight camera
  • 8 x 850nm LEDs (optimized for indoor applications)
  • VGA resolution for outstanding 3D imaging
  • Powerful Machine Vision features
  • Excellent price/performance ratio: high-resolution 3D camera in the mid-range price segment
  • Multi-part image with 2D and 3D data in one shot
  • Simple integration thanks to one component and standard GigE interface
  • Use of NIR LEDs protects the human eyes as required in EN 62471:2008

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We'll work with you to find a suitable Basler camera for your imaging method in the operating environment. Do you have questions?

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